Full Moon & The Other Spooks - EP

by ChaosKnight201

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Once again, Halloween has come to visit us once again! So now it's time to do what we love best, dress up whatever our hearts can think of, tell the ghost stories, eat as much candy as we possibly can, and enjoy possibly one of the best nights of our lives. Now I present my second Halloween album - Full Moon. Full Moon is an album about the fears and excitement about our own reality or the illusions in our minds. Filled with songs with lively tunes, this is the album that surpassed all of my past electronic songs.

Happy Halloween Everyone! Enjoy the scares, the laughs and the tasty treats!


released October 30, 2015



all rights reserved


ChaosKnight201 North Dakota

I'm a vocalist who creates fan-made, brony featured, and unexpected electronic songs. I am also a gamer who does what he loves and loves what he does.

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Track Name: Full Moon
Hearing echos in my mind
In the whispers I can’t find
I’m looking hard
But all I see are shards
Of my past mistakes
I used to think they’re fake
But to me and you
We know that’s not true
I can try to hide
The feelings deep inside
My very heart and soul
But surely you must know
That past my greatest sin
Inside the hate deep within

Lies dormant in me
The nightmare I believe
Will surely rise again
And bring us to an end
But for now I’m just a ghost
From that time I was a host
Of the darkness in my heart
That one that tore us apart
I was the full moon
That had a deadly tune
But now that’s all in the past
But these scars don’t heal fast

With these friends you have
I suppose I’m glad
Not only to be home
But now never alone
If that is what you learned
From the time our lives were turned
Then I will learn as well
Even if I’m a shell
From what I used to be
Back when I was free
From the pains of before
When I felt greatly sore
But I will get a hold
Of the past once so cold

You given me so much
And I’ll make it up to you
I no longer have a grudge
And now I know what to do
I’ll turn the darkness into light
And I will try to fight
Any fear that comes our way
And this is how I’m gonna stay
Track Name: Under My Bed
There's a quiet cry
Coming from my mind
Is the pain that I feel
Just a dream or real
I need to wake up soon
Or I'm forever doomed

The darkness calls for me
For within my own sanity
I can't tell what's real or not
I must escape before I get caught
Are they creatures in my head
Or the monsters under my bed?

Insanity's in my heart
And now the light departs
I see the full moon
But am I consumed
By the fear I have inside
Or the creatures of the night

If I fight I'll surely lose
I'm already doomed
So what's there left for me?
I'm lost in the darkness
Now I must confess
I feel as though I'm gonna scream
Track Name: Haunted House
Watching, waiting for the running time
No where left for me to run and hide
Getting scared out of my mind
Not leaving here without a good fright
No where safe for me here
Guarding here will every fear
Oh the time’s drawing near
Scared with the silent tears

Hearing voices in my head
Of the children that are dead
Crying out for someone now
Speaking till they lose sound
Scared to die they haunt this place
Taking night instead of day
This is how it begun
Spreading tears like a wild flood
With the purple man, he will pay
I suppose you can say
It’s a colder deadly fun
Drowning in his pool of blood
Living in the bear named Fred
Tucked away in a cold hard bed
They been trapped and not been found
Trapped in here like a haunted house

Living, cursing this happy town
Not so happy with deadly frowns
Lights in here are going down
Look at the spirits all around
Time has come to make another suit
Stuffed with the soul that is you
Is this how you want to lose
It’s an offer you can’t refuse

Never letting go
Never being told
The horror’s at it’s end
The pain is not pretend
The spirits cry at night
But play in the light
With the kids they share their joy
But in the night, they destroy
Track Name: The Dawn (End The Nightmares)
Laying in wait
In the dream I can't wake
I've been running from my fears
And always crying tears
Was there ever a chance
I would escape this trance
I know they're not real
Yet I always feel
That deep inside
And to my surprise
They're as real as me
Though this is just a dream

Can I wake up now
I don't know how
To push them away
And see the dawn of day
I need your help
I'm all by myself
I don't have that crimson flare
To end the nightmares

Is it all up to me
Can I truly believe
The monsters can't harm
And make them begone
I hear your words when
I needed you back then
That I can conquer my fears
With the ones you hold dear
It's time to stand up for myself
I will grab all my fears and make them melt
In the palms of my hand
Here's where I take a stand

I truly see them as they are
They're just like me but with past scars
Now it's time for me to grow
So my faith can truly show