High Voltage Harmony

by ChaosKnight201

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This is the first album I have created. It contains 11 official tracks created by me and 4 bonus tracks given the idea by ResidentSonic2. Songs in this album are listed by my favorite to less favorite songs and are made as electronic/techno music (except for Immortal).


released September 2, 2014

ResidentSonic2 - Giving me hints, ideas, and information about song a and album making.
Friends - Giving me moral support and giving me hope to go on with the album.
Family - Also giving me support and hope to move on with album.



all rights reserved


ChaosKnight201 North Dakota

I'm a vocalist who creates fan-made, brony featured, and unexpected electronic songs. I am also a gamer who does what he loves and loves what he does.

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Track Name: Dj-Pon3
I have many talents
But one of my favorites is music
Though it doesn't shape others balance
But my jams is ju--Ah forget it, let's make some real music

I'm your midnight party
I'm the one who cranks up the low beats
What's that? Am I too loud, oh sorry
I'm not loud enough
The beats keep rolling
The beasts come out
Now the party's just really going
Now the night is just beginning
Now you all just enjoy a combination of singing and rappin go

Spark the lights and follow the music
If you love my jams I won't be quick
(Don't be quick man)
You can think that I'm the best
But my beats are the real threats
(Better watch yourself for the beats)
Do you all want to be amazed
Then listen up and dance the night away
(That's right everyone, rock the night)
Sorry if I'm being too noisy
You know I'm just being me
Busy being Dj-Pon3

(Busy bein Dj-Pon3)
(You know I'm busy bein Dj-Pon3)

The music is what beats my heart
You might wanna listen up
Because I'm just getting to the best part
Who's the mare that rocks the jams
Dj-Pon3, that's who
Who's the girl with the screaming fans?
Vinyl Scratch is her name
You know she doesn't want any fame
All she just wants is for you to hear her jams
So why don't you just bust out the cams
You can break it down all you want
But the beats will just keep going on and on

You can crank the beat
But I can rock the house
You see me jammin in the street
You see me rocking out
There's something you should know about Dj-Pon3
Seeing everyone dance to her rythm is her only trophy
Set the stage lights
This is gonna be all night
This is no ordinary song
Because we're doin this twice as long
C'mon bro whatchu waitin for
Everyone else is out in the dance floor
All you gotta do is dance to the beat
No matter how you do it, it'll look neat
I might as well keep rappin about this girl
Admit it, her music shakes the whole world
I'm just gonna say it out loud because she has no match
Just crank the beat up, Vinyl Scratch!

It maybe time for us to go
But there's one thing you should know
No matter where you are, just keep making the beats
Because I'll be back on the streets
Just remember the mare who kept making the flash
Just keep on remember Vinyl Scratch,
Also known as the one and only
Track Name: Friends (Electronic Remix)
At one point I was on my own
I thought there was no one for me
I stayed in my own zone
It took a while for me to realize
That no one was on their own
There were friends to my surprise
I can take all of the tension
But it didn't matter cause I had me
And a little something called friendship

I got your back and you got mine
There's a feeling I can't deny
You share your love as I do
This feeling is something new
You can have all the victories
Cause all I want is my harmony
My life will never end
Cause I got something called friends

Friends aren't hard to find
You can find them if you look hard
I know there's no doubt in my mind
Your friends are no where far
If we reach for the sky
We can fly to the stars above
And our friendship will not die
Reach inside your body, mind, and heart
And nothing will tear us apart

Time goes by when you're with me
Life slips through when I'm with you
Even when I'm alseep, I dream
That I'm with you and you're with me
Our friendship's strong and loyal
Our light shine so clear and bright
Don't look so sad, so smile
That's the power, that's the riches
It's the magic, it's the truth
Of friendship

If we hold our memories
I won't have to see you go
I don't want to see you leave
You mean so much to me
You're the light that makes me see
You're what makes us a team
I'll protect you till the very end
Cause nobody can stop us
Cause that's why you're my best friend

I got your back and you got mine
There's a feeling I can't deny
You share your love as I do
This feeling is something new
I'm proud to call you my buddy
Even when times seem so bloody
I'm there for you and you're there for me
You can have your pride and I'll have my peace

I got your back and you got mine
Cause I got something called friends
Whenever we disembark
For what adventures lie before us
You will always be that spark in the dark
That will always keep me going