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Release The Magic Within You...

Merry Christmas! Magic is an album that releases the inner child from within everybody and helps them relive their lives as if they wanted to be kings, queens, or dragons. The life of a fairytale is no easy job, but making the kids smile is all worthwhile. So I figured I'd bring back these forgotten princesses and magic carpets and form them with my own image. Yes, I can say this is an album that shows how creative both the mind and heart can really be. I've also included some Winter & Christmas songs as well to also fit the time of the year. Enjoy!


released December 25, 2014

Bobby Hapsis - Album Creation
ResidentSonic - Helping With Information Need To Make Albums
Friends & Family - Giving Me Full Support For My Music
Tyler Shaw/Aviators - Giving Me Full Permission To Make The "One Hearth's Warming Eve" Cover.



all rights reserved


ChaosKnight201 North Dakota

I'm a vocalist who creates fan-made, brony featured, and unexpected electronic songs. I am also a gamer who does what he loves and loves what he does.

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Track Name: Fairytales & Happy Endings
Hopes and dreams
Aren't all what they seem
Could they be so much more
Are you the ones that I adore
Come with me
And together we will see
The stuff that makes dreams come true
No matter what comes our way, we can make it through

Nobody will drag us down anymore
I won’t be stopped by a queen wanting to settle the score
No poison apple will ever stop me
I’m not a witch looking to kill fairies
We can see the good no matter what beast
The light in our hearts will never cease
There's no point in just pretending
We can make our own fairytales and happy endings

Our story doesn't have to be real
But we can make it on how we feel
About each others spirits
There's so many pages I want to list
There will be nobody in the background
I believe we have found
The truth behind
All these pointless lies
As our worlds collide
We see brighter stars in the night sky

We won't stop
To find the hope
We have fought
For those at the ends if their ropes
We will stand
All as one
We will band
Together as one
Fairyales come true
Evil will fall
Happy endings are made by me and you
We will save them all
I'm not a king
But I believe in a better kingdom
We can all become
A part of our fairytales and happy endings
Track Name: Magic
Could the feeling deep inside
Be a new kind of power I couldn’t find
But I will give all I got
To defeat the monsters I have in my heart
And to protect the ones I care
I will always keep my crimson flare

Could this be magic from the start
A power that drives me in my heart
A light with so many forms
With this I can reform
From the evil I once was
To a spirit with a kinder cause

Could this feeling light the darkness
And reveal to me my closest friends
But I will give it all I can
And form a better plan
To create a better shining light
And create a path for my little life

Magic’s never in vain
It’s not something to explain
You can make it your own
Your new found kingdom and throne
The power is inside of you
There’s so much more than you can do
Just follow me
And you will see
It’s not a simple logic
It’s just the way of magic
Track Name: Knight
I'm not a guy who fights dragons
I'm not the guy in your stories
I couldn't be your true love
But I do have my own chivalry
I'm a guy who protects those
Who feel like they've lost the most
I'm a man who you can count on
When you feel like all hope is lost

I'm my own kind of knight
And I will fight
To protect those
From any foes
When it comes to witches
I believe in magic
I'm not in training
But I'm not complaining

I don't slay monsters
I don't execute
I don't wear any suit of armor
But I will protect you
I don't live in a castle
But that doesn't mean I'll let you fall
Into the darkness that I fight
I'll let you see into a newer sight
I don't have a noble steed
But I'll be there when you need me

I don’t serve a kingdom
But I’ll fight for them
I will be here when you need
Someone like me
Someone to give you light
Because I could be that kind of knight
Track Name: The Christmas Rock Song
Let all your troubles go
In this big pile of snow
Wishes are falling from the skies
And landing in my eyes
I won’t be such a Grinch
Not one who gives a pinch
Every time I make a fuss
Over the word Christmas

It’s time to start anew
In the season coming soon
Happiness flowing in the air
Singing carols full of care
And that’s all I want
It’s the one thing I’ve always sought
For us to put our differences away
Out here on Christmas day

We can make dreams come true
It’s all we have to do
On this brightest day
We’ll never have to say
This is goodbye
We’ll be back in time
We can still see you again
But until then

It’s almost night fall
I’m afraid that is all
We can offer for Christmas
But as we discussed
We’ll be coming back
We’ll be back in a flash
Don’t shed a tear
I’m always here
By your side
On Christmas night
Track Name: Fearless
What if you could give
Life another try
What if you could live
Your dreams all your life
It’s not that hard to do
It’s a way not that new
Let go of your regrets
There’s no need to get upset
There’s no need to be afraid
There is still another day

Because we are fearless
We can move past our pain and strifes
We are fearless
We can finally move on with our lives
Because we are fearless
Let go of all your regrets
They will destroy you
Unless you destroy them and start anew
Stand with pride and be the best
Because we are fearless

If you can take
Another chance
You believe it’s fake
You will never advance
But follow me if you believe
That there is more than what you see
Just take our hands
And we will band
Together as one
Because our time has just begun

Never let your rage take hold
Because it will never let you go
Just take your happiness
Become fearless
Alone, we are nothing
Together we are everything
Always keep your hopes alive
Always keep your dreams inside
Track Name: Heart Of Snow
The time flows on by
I’ve lost something dear of mine
But I suppose
It’s just one of those
Natural things that happen
And now I’m always sad
I have lost my happiness
Traveling alone in the darkness
I’ve tried so hard to change all of that
And to try to get my previous life back

I’m going to melt this soul of mine
For it’s a desolate piece of ice
It was such a long time ago
When I could smile so
I can see every happy face
Now I gone and change my pace
Now I’ll rise from the ground so low
Now I will melt my heart of snow

My feelings were always cold
As if my very soul was sold
But now I will change my heart
And let my own life restart
I will remove every bad emotion
And finally get my life back in motion
I will forget everything I hated
Going back to the farthest date
I’m going to take the the life demons stole
I’m going to heat up this heart as if it froze

I’ll let the past go
Remove all the snow
That’s inside of me
I’ll start again
A new life began
Remove all my glee
Remove all the cold
From my very soul
I will start all over
Clear off this cold shoulder
That’s been hanging over me
So you’ll never see
That I can change
Still have that pain
But I will never lose
But I will prove
I have what it takes
To take part
To melt the snow in my heart
Track Name: The Gift Of Christmas
The cold air doesn’t bother me
Cuz I don’t plan on being sad or mean
That special time is coming soon
That special time where we all choose
To stay with our loved ones
Better that than none
I pick to be with them
So I plan to send
My list of what I want this year
But I just want Christmas to be here

Because it’s my kind of month
Because it’s my kind of holiday
So let us all rise from the shadows
And into this cheerful day
I don’t need toys or a candy cane
But this is what I should do
I will give you my heart for the rest of my days
That’s my gift of Christmas to you

Time to play in the snow outside
I don’t feel like I wanna cry
Instead I’d rather have a snowball fight
Or hang up the Christmas lights
Santa Claus is coming to town
So remove that ugly frown
There’s no need to feel angry
So how about we all be happy
Because it’s getting close to nightfall
So Merry Christmas one and all

I don’t need to feel sad
I don’t need to feel mad
About all the negativity
Instead I’ll feel good about myself
I’ll hang those stocking on my shelf
There’s no one I’d rather be than me
I feel like I’ve been good
So maybe I could
Open up their eyes
To make them see
How they want to be
What are you, are you naughty or nice
My gift of Christmas
Is like all of us
We all choose to be together
Sitting by the tree
Living by our dreams
And to be loved forever
Track Name: Aviators - One Hearth's Warming Eve (ChaosKnight Cover)
He'd watch the snow fall
Pretending it all
Would go away
On hearth's warming day
He thought life all for not
But in this season he forgot
The mess he'd made
It would all fade away
But none of it changed the fact
He was broken and still alone
Until he walked by a store window
And a pink figure waved hello

He said he felt his heart leap
Like it been asleep
With that sparkle in her eyes
He could barely breathe
And so he tells the story
Of that pink pony
Who changed his life
One hearth's warming eve

He went inside the store
As she opened the door
He wondered why
This mare caught his eye
They sat down for a while
As they talked he would smile
Until he told
Her he was all alone
But she wouldn't let him feel abandoned
Because no one should spend the holidays alone
They spent hearth's warming together
Making memories he'd never let go

Thirty two years down the road
He had let the past go
But he hadn't forgotten
That beautiful mare from years ago
In a hospital room
His last hearth's warming he knew
He'd never see her again
That dream would never come true
But then from the hall
He heard her call
That sweet familiar voice
She found him after all
She said "I never forgot
The day you walked by the shop
I've spent these thirty two years
Looking for you non-stop"
Tears came to his eyes
As she stood by his side
And promised to stay
Until he had to say goodbye

He said he felt his heart leap
Like it been asleep
With that sparkle in her eyes
He could barely breathe
So this is the story
Of that pink pony
Who changed his life
One hearth's warming eve
Track Name: Dj-Pon3 (VIP Remix)
I'm your midnight party
I'm the one who cranks up the low beats
What's that? Am I too loud, oh sorry
I'm not loud enough
The beats keep rolling
The beasts come out
Now the party's just really going
Now the night is just beginning
I told you all I’d be back on the streets
Now I’ve got a whole new beat
Best be warned, my music’s gonna put you in a coma
Exactly why I’m gonna

Spark the lights and follow the music
If you love my jams I won't be quick
You can think that I'm the best
But my beats are the real threats
Do you all want to be amazed
Then listen up and dance the night away
I’ve got a whole new sound for you
It’s something new and improved
Just know, I’m a whole new pony
Sorry if I'm being too noisy
You know I'm just being me
Busy being Dj-Pon3

The music is what beats my heart
You might wanna listen up
I'm just getting to the best part
Who's the mare that rocks the jams
Dj-Pon3, that's who
Who's the girl with the screaming fans?
Vinyl Scratch is her name
She doesn't want any fame
All she just wants is for you to hear her jams
So why don't you just bust out the cams
You can break it down all you want
But the beats will just keep going on

You can crank the beat
But I can rock the house
You see me jamming in the street
You see me rocking out
There's something you should know about Dj-Pon3
Seeing everyone dance to her rhythm is her trophy
Set the stage lights
This is gonna be all night
This is no ordinary song
Because we're doing this twice as long
C'mon whatchu waiting for
Everyone else is out in the dance floor
All you gotta do is dance to the beat
No matter how you do it, it'll look neat
I might as well keep singing about this girl
Admit it, her music shakes the whole world
I'm just gonna say it loud because she has no match
Just crank the beat up, Vinyl Scratch!