My Little Life

by ChaosKnight201

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I'm Living My Little Life With Just My Friends. Who Will You Spend Yours With?

Ladies & Gentlecolts, "My Little Life" has finally been released. This is an album that targets the characters of the Hasbro show "My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic". The songs go to various characters and sometimes things that happen in real life. These songs are formed with a combination with genres of Electronic, Techno, Country, Rock, and Orchestra. Songs from the past, songs from the past, some old and some improved but they all share one common thing, Ponies! Also get 3 remixes from the show absolutely free.


released March 10, 2015

Credits: Bobby Hapsis - Album Covers, Song Creations.
ResidentSonic2 - Giving me tips, tricks, and Ideas for album making.
Friends & Family - Giving me support and hope to make albums.
Hasbro Studios & Lauren Faust - Making such an awesome show for boys and girls for all ages.
James George - Making the lyrics for Fluttershy's Fireflies



all rights reserved


ChaosKnight201 North Dakota

I'm a vocalist who creates fan-made, brony featured, and unexpected electronic songs. I am also a gamer who does what he loves and loves what he does.

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Track Name: The Dream Of Equestria
She had a dream where there was no more fear
She had a dream where all of her friends were here
But now we’re working hard to make that dream come true
But now we’re working hard to making that dream come soon
With all of us working together
There are no more bonds they can sever
With everyone building happiness
She’s glad to be the princess

Everyone has their hopes and dreams
Everyone has a future they can see
But all I see is her wish
But all I see is this
World where there’s no more harm
And where her friends are nowhere far
Working for the goal
Working with our souls
Helping out our friends
Helping out till the very end
This is not just a fantasia
It’s just the dream, it’s the dream of Equestria

She has a wish where there is no more hate
She has a wish where this hope isn’t too late
But now we’re trying our best to build a better town
But now we’re trying our best to build a light sound
Of what our friendship can do
Since we got nothing to lose
My friendship maybe strong
But her friendship was true all along

With everypony helping
Out one another
With everypony trying
To see all the colors
Of what their spirits are
Just like a shooting stars
We all live with our lights
We all live our little lives
I will carry out her wish
And I will not miss
Because this is my dream too
And we know we’ll make it true
Track Name: Fluttershy's Fireflies (Find The Music)
You want to run and hide
Sit in the dark and cry
But there's a light inside
It's your firefly
You feel that life's a lie
Don't feel the need to try
But if you do, you'll fly
Like a firefly
You see the sun denied
In dusk the light will die
That's when you rise in pride
Light your firefly

Find the music
Deep inside of you
Hold on to that music
Light your heart anew
Find the music
Deep inside of you
Hold on to that music
Light your heart anew
Find your hope
Keep it clear
And you’ll know
The light is always near

I know it gets scary sometimes
And you may want to turn away
But there's music deep inside you
It illuminates you, bright as day
It's okay to be afraid of the dark
And it's okay to cry
Because that light will dry your tears
The light of music will never die

'Cause when you stand in the dark
And you don't know what to say
You feel you're breaking apart
You feel the light slip away
And just when all hope is gone
You're ready to say good-bye
Your music wakens the dawn
You'll light your firefly
You'll light your firefly

Light up the sky
Open my eyes
Open my heart
It’s my newer start
Track Name: Rainbow Spirit (Heart Of Gold)
Some say they wish they were me
That Pegasus that just flies freely
In the wind of her excitement
What have they meant
Can’t say life was to blame
I just live happily all the same
I’ll teach you how to live your life
You just gotta have a heart filled with light

That’s the secret to my success
Though I try to be the best
I just life with a heart of gold
Towards all my friends
So I’ll say it again
The way to life I just don’t know
I’ll tell you, sometimes I get scared
Losing my friends I can’t bare
That why I live with bravery
Not to mention loyalty
My bravery comes from them
That’s why I’ll defend
My friends from harm
When things gets dark
You can be my friend too
I’ll look after you
Because I choose to live
My life with a rainbow spirit

I have my problems too
Sometimes I’m afraid to lose
But I can’t let it get to me
I just fly free
You can do it too
I mean how could you
Not put your heart with your soul
That’s why I choose to feel flow

Just always be yourself
No matter what pain has dealt
You can fight shadows
Believe me I know
I fought mine
And I’m just fine
Your rainbow spirit
In your heart is finally lit
And when you let it go
You will awaken your heart of gold
Track Name: My Little Life
What’s the point of living
If we can’t be seeing
What’s right or what’s wrong
I’ve been wondering for so long
Seems no matter how hard I try
It seems I’ll never clear my mind
Maybe I’m looking at this differently
Maybe I’m doing something I can’t be
I suppose I’ll just find another way
Or perhaps this just may
Be the answer I’m looking for
In the friends that I adore
When I’m around my friends, I feel bliss
So maybe I should just live

My little life with just my friends
When I’m in danger, they defend
I wish I could be more like them
I’ll just live in their happiness
And come out of darkness
And protect the ones I’ve been blessed
This is my little life
So I’ll just live in the light

They’ve done so much for me
So I guess this is what friendship should be
Being with the ones you love
Sent from up above
This feeling coming from my heart
Is where this friendship starts
I’ll pray we’ll never be apart
We’re close no matter how far
I’ll protect the ones I hold dear
No matter what I may fear
There's no way I can dry my eyes
Being with my friends, just makes me wanna cry
But I promise to be strong
Because you were in my heart all along

I’ve got nothing left to hide
There’s no need to be scared
When you are by my side
I feel we can do anything
There’s nothing left to hold back
No more wondering all alone
I don’t need to feel sad
You were my hope from the start
You were the answer to my life
You were the hope inside my eyes
I’ve been wondering what friendship could be
Until you shared its magic with me
No more regrets to hold deep down
Because I’m not letting go of what I’ve now found
And now I can see past all the sins
Because I’ll live freely in
Track Name: Party Overdrive
Let it go, all the pain, all the shame
Release it all, all the light, shine it bright
We’re gonna rock this whole world tonight
We won’t play their dark ended game
When the darkness comes at you
Just light up your world
We’re gonna light the dark
Shine our sparks
Party all day
This is how we persuade
Now get your hooves dirty
It’s ok cuz we all party

Show us what’s you’re made of
Raise your hooves up in the air
Get up now
All you stallions and mares
Give it your loudest cheers
We’re partying all night here
It’s time to rock the town
Rise from the ground
Spin your body around
And now we finally found
How to dance to the beat
This is where the party meets
All of you listen up
Live with the things you love
Crank the volume
The night won’t die soon
Just be all you can be
Take a lesson from me
Rock this whole world tonight
We’re gonna rock it into party overdrive

Give it all, before you fall, break down the wall
Dance your best, like the rest, a music fest
This is our time now, show them what you got
You’re the one who fought
For the freedom in you
How could you lose
When you’ve already won
The party’s far from done
Just believe in me
That’s what it means to party
Crank the speakers
So everyone can hear
Why we’re doing this tonight
It’s because we wanna party all night

Dance to the beat
Try to feel the heat
Do your best
Put your skills to the test
As you can see
I’m being me
Free yourself
From what you felt
From the pain of the past
It’ll go by fast
We’re doing this our own way
We’re doing this till come of day
Let’s cut free from the pain and strife
And kick it into party overdrive
Track Name: Finding You
Whenever I’m looking out for you
Some can think it’s all I do
But they’ll be mad when they know
They’ve been looking too low
My real intentions are not the best
It may even stand out from the rest
But I just follow where my heart leads
So I guess that’s the secret to being me

Cuz we all have a little light
Though we all must fight
I’ll never leave you all alone
Honesty is how I’m known
In our hearts we are given
Our own little piece of heaven
When I believe in myself
There is no more pain that I’ve been dealt
You can follow my way
I suppose you can say
Whenever I think I’m looking out for you
I’m finding you always looking out for me too

Why should I spend my days crying
When you’re the only one lying
I’ll show you I’m stronger than I look
It’s because I’m the one who shook
All of my problems away
It’s how I see another day
I believe in my friends all the time
It’s how I always feel fine
Track Name: Spirit Of Disharmony
Here I come, coming to ruin your day
There’s nothing more that you can say
That will change my mind
This is no wicked crime
I’m just here to have my fun
The fun part is, I’m never done
This is just me showing my freedom
This isn’t evil, it’s just chaos and more to come
And in the end have I truly won
Now behold I wacky little kingdom
This is the power that I’ve been given
This is what life will be like when you’re living

With the spirit of disharmony
There’s a little dark here
And a lil chaos over there
Keep on saying this is just a dream
There I may show fear
It’s only cause I care
About the friend that’s care free
My time is coming near
When I’ll be free from all these mares
The master of the weird is me
So, don’t shed a tear
So smile, or see the void in my glare
This is what I’m suppose to be
When you think I’m gone, I reappear
Of course, I love giving good scares

Here I come, coming to make you laugh
Look at my awesome powers, this is not my wrath (yet)
This is the powers that chaos give you
Battle with me and you will lose
Of course, I overpower shyness
I just don’t really show it
I was once a mighty ruler in Equestria
So why did I lose to Celestia
Oh wait, now I remember
Am I really getting denser
I guess living with these ponies are changing me
I don’t care, just as long I’m free
Track Name: Shooting Stars
Night to day, the sun may
Be the end of our crimes
Day to night, dreams take flight
Into a brighter night sky
When the rain falls
A newer dream calls
When we fall asleep
We fall so deep
Be with me today
Stay with me tonight

We’re all just a fantasy
Or that’s just what I believe
We all have reflections of a dream
That’s because it what makes us who we choose to be
Though our dreams fall far
And we all have our scars
We will find a newer start
We’re all just shooting stars

Hope to give, we all can live
Without letting our lights dim
Give to hope, we won’t live to mope
Instead we’ll just let go
Into the people we are today
And there’s nothing you can say
To change our minds
From doing what is right
Track Name: Return Of The Nightmare
I can still feel it inside of me
The nightmare that lost the fight
So this is what fear can be
I’m in the dark of my mind
An unforgiven sense of heart
Coming back to tear me apart
Back to life, where is the light
My life has faded to black and white

Returned again, not again
Coming back to hurt me and my friends
This demon inside of me
Hurts even if I don’t bleed
Why do I see shadows in the light
Will I win or lose this fight
Whenever I think it’s not the end
The Nightmare comes back again

I thought I was free
Looks like I was wrong
The evil that resides inside of me
Had been resting in me all along
What can I do to save you now
I’ll protect you, that’s my vow
I won’t let her hurt you again
I promise I won’t let my fall be in vain

The shadows are my home
I’m feeling so alone
The breaking in my bones
Means I never grown
The nightmare I am shown
Is feeling very cold
The sins that I’ve atoned
Come at me like never before
I open my eyes
To find no allies
This is my own mind
I’m falling deep inside
I don’t wanna try
But all I do is cry
This is my demise
The nightmare won to my surprise
Track Name: Musical Generations
Two separate worlds
Coming together
Two separate girls
As friends forever
Let the sounds carry you
It’s what we live for
Music is what we do
Rising on stage
Like never before
Into a newer page
In a musical score
Crank up the sound
Let harmony flow
Let the music take you to a higher ground

Harmony flows
In a new bound power
Harmony blooms
Like a gentle flower
A new sound being played
Orchestral takes the stage
Electronic beats rise
Into a brighter place
Make a new creation
In musical generations

Two becoming one
A musical entity
It’ll be fun
Music’s our harmony
Bringing what we know
Into a new found form
We’ll give it our all, there’s so much to show
Creating an epic beat
For all of you
Take your seats
We got something new
There’s a newer flow
Of our own harmony
And let our musical hearts glow

There’s so much to give
There’s so much to live
For what we show
There’s so much to do
There’s so much to lose
But we’ll let our hearts grow
Forming a new reality
Forming a new harmony
It what keeps us going
It what keeps our hearts flowing
Don’t show any hesitation
In our musical generations
Track Name: Rage
Returning for the cause
Where I will stick my claws
Into your peaceful lives
You couldn’t stop me if you tried
My hatred is driving me
What I’m planning to be
I will be the rightful king
Bow before me or feel my sting
I have an act for blood lust
I’ll turn magic into dust
Betrayal is what drives my vengeance
I’m the god and a monster that will be my legend
I will conquer all of you
Before the battle, you will lose
My strength is infinite
Now let the torture begin

Doom and despair is what I’m serving tonight
I don’t care what your doing, bring on the fights
My intentions are something dark
I will kill who I will need to
And I will pierce
Anyone who gets in my way
I’ve been stuck in a feckless cage
Now I’m free, free to use my rage

Stealing for the win
My evil reign begins
When you will lose
And when I will kill you
I’ve been trapped for centuries
I did my best to be set free
Now that my time has come
You’re nothing but scum
You’re future’s looking bleak
It’s because you are all weak
It’s time to shape my revenge
It’s time for hell to ascend
I don’t care where you run
Nothing can spoil my fun
Here I come, 1 and 2
Peekaboo I’ve found you!

Trapped in darkness
You’re still hopeless
But I am strong
I’ve been waiting for too long
To begin my dark empire
When the skies will turn to fire
And the heavens bow down to me
And there’s no time to flee
I keep going, I’m all knowing
Of what you’re weakness is
I’m not losing, my strength’s growing
I’ve nothing left inside except sins
And now you’re going down
Follow the sound
To your final song
Your harmony is gone
This is a golden age
Where I’ll rule with all of my rage
Track Name: My Dreams
Ridiculed, underestimated
I would never thought the day
Where I would show them
What I could show them all
I came to grips with my fears
And now everyone hears
The truth I found not long ago
The truth I found in the snow
Now I’m here standing tall
Now I’m here never to fall

Though I cannot see spring
Though I cannot see winter
I can still feel their nature
And now I’m here to bring
The star made from the heart
Not much, but it’s my heart
I still have my hopes, my light
And it’s still shining on bright
Though I cannot see
I can still see my dreams

Blindness took my eyes
And the ice froze my cries
I still hear their wish
It’s not hard to miss
The snowflakes in my heart
Say my hope’s not far
And if I fail again
I’ll just try again
We see them as stars
But I know what they really are

Cry my eyes
My light is right
Blind in the eyes
But not in the mind
I still have my soul
Or so I’m told
I won’t wish so low
In the cold
My dreams will never freeze
Because they are all free
Track Name: Hope
Darkness may be huge
And we are out classed
But given all we’ve been through
We can always fight back
Harmony won’t leave our side
It’s our light shining bright
This is far from the end
Because it just began

We still have hope
We still have light
And with those
We’ll never lose the fight
We still have dreams
We still have friends
And with those
Our hopes will ascend
Our hopes are one
Our time has just begun
We will fight to protect those
Who still have all their hopes

Into a newer page
In our life story
It’s no fairytale
But it’s a happy ending to me
It’s our spirit rising up
Showing we are tough
Against all of our foes
Who still don't know

Harmony is our light
It shines our dreams
Dreams are my hopes
That’s what I believe
Track Name: The End Of Equestria
I’ve tried to stop this crime
There wasn’t much time
Before the battle broke through
I’ve tried to stop this war
And now all harmony was torn
Is this everything they call “cruel”?
What is it we’re suppose to do
Are we suppose to fight or lose?
I’m finished fighting with my shame
Every single fight was just the same
I can’t just give up
But I’ve had enough

We all have our darker sides
But it broke through all the light
Now we live in despair
And no one cares
I was trying to stand
Letting us all band
And one, united
But we’re all just fighting
No, I won’t give up hope
I’m not letting go of the rope
The battle isn’t over yet
I’ll just give it my best
Dear Princess Celestia
It’s not the end of Equestria

I’ll make a revolution
Past all the confusion
I’m rising up today
I’m going to stop the war
By taking out the core
Harmony won’t decay
I won’t let go
Until I know
The battle has been won
And see the rise of the sun
We will stand for light
We will stand for what is right
Track Name: Wishing
Wishing it was such a dream
Everything isn’t what it seems
Thought we’d live a happy life
It was just a lie
Never given empathy
A cursed symphony
Why is it me
What did I fail to see
Now I’m wishing to see you
What am I suppose to do
Am I suppose to live or cry?
Can’t be done, can’t open up my eyes

I’m wishing I can be
By your side again
It’s all a tragedy
Broken in the end
Now I watch over
Everything you left behind
Nothing can be colder
Than watching time go by
Watching over little ones
Nothing could be done
Nothing stopped the darkness
Couldn’t break the hopeless
Told me to stay strong
That was so long
Back when you were here
Not when we lived in fear

1000 years went by
Never had I die
I went too ignorant
But I kept ignoring it
Growing up without a home
Growing up all alone
Though I had them by
Felt empty deep inside
Adopted little hope
I secretly moped
About what I lost that day
How is this OK?
Must keep them safe at all cost
Must regain what I have lost

But now I will guard
What I’ve worked so hard
To protect them all my life
Tried to keep a little light
Lived in sadness
Must forget this
Living a new life now
Living in a better town
Track Name: Wishing (Luna's Prayer)
Wishing it was such a dream
Everything isn’t what it seems
When my anger fell
It was too soon to tell
Worshiped no more
Hatred in my core
What happened to me
When my anger broke free
Now I’m wishing to see you
You’re the one I don’t want to lose
Am I suppose to grieve
I’ve lost something dear of mine that I can’t seem to retrieve

I’m wishing I can be
By your side again
It’s all a tragedy
Broken in the end
Now I watch over
Everything you left behind
Nothing can be colder
Than watching time go by
Watching over little ones
Nothing could be done
Nothing stopped the darkness
Couldn’t break the hopeless
Told me to stay strong
That was so long
Back when you were here
Not when we lived in fear

1000 years went by
Never had I die
I went to far
Why is this so hard
Banished in the moon
This was too soon
Though I had some hope
All I ever felt was mope
About what I lost that day
Now this is where I stay
But must keep all my faith
Because I feel it’s not too late

But now I will protect
All of my friends
This is not my end
Until I make amends
Lived in darkness
Both in sadness
But now not alone
Now I’m finally home
Track Name: In Between (Bonus Track)
Once to dark, then to light
Once to wrong, now to right
Can’t seem to hold still
I’m a hole that I can’t fill
Am I a friend or a pawn
Is my freedom truly gone
I guess I will see
What destiny has for me

Who am I really?
The master of chaos?
I’m just so lost
Is this really me
Am I an evil spirit
Or just a candle whose flame has been lit
Am I the dark or the light
I can’t seem to decide
Am I just really this unique
Or am I just stuck in between

Once a dark king
That ruled everything
Now I’m a friend
Is this just for pretend
My heart is filled with doubts
Can’t quite figure them out
Do I just let them go
Or do I just lose control

When I feel their grace
I feel such joy
Maybe I should be with them
With friends after all
Perhaps this may
Be what I can enjoy
Maybe this is what it feels to have friends
Maybe this light on me will never fall