The Malicious Songs

by ChaosKnight201

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Happy Halloween! Today I present a gift that's just as good as candy, a new album. These songs are at the horror/scary genre that I felt was best interested for this occasion. These songs were made for the distinct creativity for both the joys and the horrors of Halloween and all for 5 dollars :D. So, it's time to get in your costumes, eat some candy, pull some tricks to get some treats and celebrate this wonderful day and take the greatest night into your own hands. Enjoy!


released October 28, 2014



all rights reserved


ChaosKnight201 North Dakota

I'm a vocalist who creates fan-made, brony featured, and unexpected electronic songs. I am also a gamer who does what he loves and loves what he does.

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Track Name: True Chaos
Never going back
To the times I used to slack
Serving with the light
I’m finally done
My new life has begun
Working with the night
A curse that’s in my heart
Was still tearing me apart
But now I’m letting it free
To bring all the pain
To remove all the shame
That’s been inside of me

I’m giving you all
A taste of what I have in store
When I make your castles fall
You will hear my roar
I’m done with being lied to
This time your side has lost
This is what I have to do
I will finally unleash my true chaos

I used to be
The lock and the key
To unlock my destruction
I’m a king back to my rightful throne
Who cares if I’m alone
My evil ways are just too fun
And now I’m back
To a heart that is so black
And to the way I used to rule
You trusted me
Now your world bleed
Now I’m releasing hell on you

I will fight
For what’s mine
No more light
Will ever shine
The darkness is
My show to give
I am king
I will grin
Of your death
Like the rest
I have fought
With chaos
Once again
Till the end
This is my rule
This is your doom
Track Name: The Malicious Songs
Truths and lies
Behind these foolish eyes
For so long I couldn't see
But I still chose not to flee
These monsters won't scare
They couldn't if they dared
I may be cursed by a blood spell
But I'm still me if you couldn't tell

All I see are ghosts still flying
And dead souls still rising
I feel my uncertainty flying away
But my heart will always stay
I could hear your voice all along
The malicious songs of mine couldn't have been more wrong

I'm not dead but am I still alive
I feel a stronger force but I'm not surprised
The creature inside my very soul
Holds this power and I must know
The ghosts inside my head
Want to see me dead
All I found in this haunted house
Is what took me so long to figure out

I don't care about the past I’m sure
I'm done with thinking of the future
But this simple present
Has done nothing but make me bled
But I'm not going down
I'm rising up from the ground
The sounds that evil makes
Followed me by mistake
You can take my lies
But you can never take my light
I may not live for so long
But I'm burning away these malicious songs
Track Name: Hunted
You can try to run and hide
But I see you within my sight
Your fear of me is what keeps me going
I can see what you are doing
I will never hold back
I won’t give any slack
Once I find you, you are done
You will feel the wrath of me or my gun

We will find and bring you down
Whether you’re here or all around
There is no escape for you
I saw you kill and now you’re through
I will find your victim
So I can save them
We will find you through the flood of blood
Now the hunter has become the hunted

Perhaps you been through too much
Perhaps you’re in a grudge
I cannot let you live
I promise to put you out of this cursed thrive
Ghosts, demons, angel don’t scare me
It should be me they fear

Oh, you can take a bite at me
But you’ll be the one to scream
When your life has met it’s end
You are the kind I hate the most
More than angels more than ghosts
Time to finish what we began
I will be coming after you
I will not be the one to lose
This battle between you and me
Your kind will certainly burn
In hell where you will learn
Never to mess with humanity
This battle just begun
We’ll keep going on
Until all of the evil is gone
That’s why I need you here
When all the darkness disappears
We can drink and watch the sun
And maybe it won’t be the end of the hunt
Track Name: Halloween
There’s spooks and scares everywhere
There’s monsters and ghosts for the most
Of our time out here, to show fear
In this wonderful night under moon light
There’s common sense in the air without a care
The creatures roaming around under the ground
The ghosts are singing high, in the sky
As the demons come out to play as the say

This will be our night forever
This will be your time to either die
Or give a fright
The monsters in my soul
And the demons in my head
Are tearing me to shreds
There’s more to me than what you see
There’s more to this night of Halloween

Evil and good become intertwined, but that’s fine
There’s no balance either way, This may
Just ending up being your final moment, I’m showing
What it means to show you fear, my dear
In your darkest hour, things are turning sour
Where’s your heroes now, as I howl
Towards the moon, You’ll die soon
And when your life has turned red, You’ll make sure to stay in bed