Fairytales & Happy Endings

by ChaosKnight201

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This track is actually dedicated to my two stepsisters. Just like me, they also have creative abilities and they always make me smile as I do them. So I decided to make a song for them, they're young, so I decided to make a song based off dreams coming true and also keeping a happy story. Enjoy!


Hopes and dreams
Aren't all what they seem
Could they be so much more
Are you the ones that I adore
Come with me
And together we will see
The stuff that makes dreams come true
No matter what comes our way, we can make it through

Nobody will drag us down anymore
I won’t be stopped by a queen wanting to settle the score
No poison apple will ever stop me
I’m not a witch looking to kill fairies
We can see the good no matter what beast
The light in our hearts will never cease
There's no point in just pretending
We can make our own fairytales and happy endings

Our story doesn't have to be real
But we can make it on how we feel
About each others spirits
There's so many pages I want to list
There will be nobody in the background
I believe we have found
The truth behind
All these pointless lies
As our worlds collide
We see brighter stars in the night sky

We won't stop
To find the hope
We have fought
For those at the ends if their ropes
We will stand
All as one
We will band
Together as one
Fairyales come true
Evil will fall
Happy endings are made by me and you
We will save them all
I'm not a king
But I believe in a better kingdom
We can all become
A part of our fairytales and happy endings


released November 7, 2014



all rights reserved


ChaosKnight201 North Dakota

I'm a vocalist who creates fan-made, brony featured, and unexpected electronic songs. I am also a gamer who does what he loves and loves what he does.

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